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Kurt’s Twelve Step Program

Kurt's Twelve Step Program  Screenshot 6The official level for the “One Time To Rule Them All Competition” starting March 23’rd 2012. One word of warning before you courageously venture into the wonder that is this level: it’s really CHALLENGING !

zeArchitect created this level as a dedication to our very own Kurt, currently the best MA2 player out there according to the leaderboard, so Kurt, let’s see you complete this one 5 minutes after you’ve downloaded it 😛 !

If features 12 corridors (hence the name), each with its very own challenging way of completion. There’s a checkpoint at the start of each corridor so that you don’t have to punch your computer out of frustration for having to restart after every mistake, and trust us, mistakes will be made :).


Here are a few screenshots bellow to give you an idea what you’re getting into.


DOWNLOAD HERE >> Kurt's Twelve Step Program << DOWNLOAD HERE

INSTRUCTIONS HERE >> Working with custom maps << INSTRUCTIONS HERE

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Kurt's Twelve Step Program, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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