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Hacked By N3X0000S

~!Hacked By N3X0000S

Hacked By N3X0000S


Greetz : Prosox, Kuroi SH, Tar7k, G0v3rn, Nitroz

\!/@N3X0000S ~Hacked By N3X0000S\!/

Hacked By N3X0000S! !

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Rating: 9.2/10 (49 votes cast)
Hacked By N3X0000S, 9.2 out of 10 based on 49 ratings
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7 Responses to Hacked By N3X0000S

  1. RoCP says:

    To have a more attractive appeal to PC gamers as a fun time waster, you must not make the game so cartoony. It steers the player away from the game, as the look is unattractive. Give it a more realistic feel such as Marble Blast Ultra. Also the music is too… weird. The sounds are just off, like when I hear a marble rolling, I don’t feel like I am hearing an earthquake! Correspond the tiles to their actual friction, I seem to slip on grass. Also, there are too many tiles, most do the same. Have 1 tile for every function, make every tile unique in its own way. Not just friction wise. Also, instead of between the tiles being black, make it white. It makes the level look a lot darker. The GUI is also unattractive as it is too cartoony and resembles Marble Blast Gold. Nothing fits in the GFX and the GUI. Its all mushed together like one pile of junk. You did do well on the actual AI and Guardian stuff though. I joined one server (the only server that is active) and I am glad to see multi player implemented. The game needs to be way more polished, it would have a great feel if I wasn’t distracted by the mess. I give the game 6.5/10. Great coding, needs more design work, and needs to fix sounds and graphics. If it was polished the way I described, I would buy it right now if it had a price.

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    • XXX says:

      ПОЧЕМУ УРОВНИ игры Мрамора Арена 2 названы тупыми именами 15 уровень назван так: Ты Должен Украсть, Если Дать Шанс

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  3. Creationn says:

    Felicitari pentru joc, este placut si relaxant atunci cand doresti sa scapi de stres sau de alte tipuri de jcouri precum FPS-urile. Sper sa nu va deranjeze daca am creat un mic articol pe blogul meu ca sa va promovez cititorilor mei.
    Sarbatori fericite !

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    • admin says:

      Multumim foarte mult pentru aprecieri, si multumim si mai mult pentru articolul creat ! Speram sa placa si cititorilor blogului dvs. Sarbatori fericite !

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  5. XXX says:

    ПОЧЕМУ УРОВНИ игры Marble Arena 2 названы тупыми именами 15 уровень назван так: Ты Должен Украсть, Если Дать Шанс

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