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Contest completed !

The fourth edition of our “One Time To Rule Them All” Competition

Let’s go over the rules !

  • – This week’s map is called “A million and one little pieces” and can be downloaded from here
  • – No cheating and no adding extra A.I. enemies from the menu
  • – If you are among the winners you’ll have to provide a replay so make sure you check the “Record replay” checkbox before begining the level.
  • – First place will get 2 games from our “Prize Bucket”, second and third place will get one game.
  • – Last and most important rule : HAVE FUN !

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Marble Arena 2 Roadmap

Thank you so much for your support !

Since the game was released we have had more than 150.000 downloads. That is quite a lot more than we ever expected so we would like to say thank you !

With that many downloads comes a great resposibility to keep the game going. Most of you liked the game but there were many that weren’t entirely happy with it, so we’d like to do our best to keep all of our gamers happy.

Many good suggestions and ideas came from our community and from reviews posted on various websites, so we decided to post a roadmap showing our dedication to making the game better.

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Oldies but Goldies Map Pack

Being featured on the front page of the Apple® Mac App Store was pretty huge, there’s no denying that. We’ve had more downloads in a few days than we’ve had since the game’s official release about a month ago.

Marble Arena 2 is currently the #1 free game in the Mac App Store and we would really like to say: Thank you !!!

Thank you to everyone who’s downloaded and played the game, and who have taken the time to write reviews. Thanks to those who have written favorable reviews for the kind words and thanks to those who have written not so favorable ones for taking the time to let us know what they didn’t like (we’ll do our best to make you change your minds).

To show that we really mean it, here is a sign of our gratitude:

22 extra levels in the form of the Oldies but Goldies map pack.

Should bring back memories for Marble Arena 1 players out there, and a few extra hours of game time to those who have already mastered the game.

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Rating: 8.4/10 (19 votes cast)

Big surprise waking up this morning. Checked google analytics, like a good little website admin, only to discover a huge boost in website traffic. What could this be I asked myself ?

Most visited content immediately gave an aswer. There was a massive increase in mac players. I couldn’t imagine what happened. I thought that maybe some big site picked up the game. Google showed no sign of such things.

Reboot in  Mac OS, open Mac App Store, fall of my chair 🙂

Big thanks to Apple® for considering our little game worthy of being featured, and even bigger thanks to everyone playing the game ! Have fun !

App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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Marble Arena 2 Released

Barlad, Romania – December 13, 2011 – Brightside Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Marble Arena 2, a family friendly, physics based, free 3D marble game, featuring vibrant HD graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, and an easy to use built-in editor for creating custom levels.

The game features 50 mayhem filled levels, where players will test their skills on several types of surfaces, attempt to master a multitude of physics contraptions and  go toe to toe, and sometimes toe to multiple toes, with A.I. controlled enemies bent on preventing players from achieving their goals.

Making it through all these perils in one piece, and  in time, has its benefits. Players will be awarded upgrade points for doing so, points that they can use to improve their skills or unlock their favorite from a multitude of marble skins.

If single player action is just not enough action, the game provides a fun multiplayer experience, with a dedicated server running 24/7 and gives anyone the ability to host their own server and play with their friends.
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